Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday


Apple I Love



Got my 1st Apple product now what do I do…..



I am in love and lust with few things in my life: Apple, Levi Jeans and Diet Coke.


I own an Ipod. I got this as soon as the Photo model came out (2nd generation is always better), I owed a Macbook Pro as soon as I could afford one, my iphone plans got derailed by a company plan but the 2nd I got off the plan I quickly got myself a 4s. I waited on the ipad instead buying them as gifts for family, so I could play with them but not be sitting on dating technology, when I wouldn’t use it to it’s full capacity. So in my household we have  1st Generation, 2nd generation and now me a 3rd Generation ipad.  I also have at least 30 accessories for apple.


But as many people know owning does not mean you use it. For the beginners out there you need to play with it. JUST PLAY!  Because losing the 5 selfies you took 10 mins ago is no big deal, losing your whole photo collection is a big deal. 


As much as it pains me to tell you this, technology only does what you ask it to do….. however it like everything has fine print, and sometimes connects the messages in strange ways. So don’t panic if it doesn’t go correctly the 1st time.


So this week I am going to do a quick post each day about one thing to try on your apple technology and would love here how you went!



How did I get here?

How did I get here? I’m not 100% sure so I’ll list what I know to be fact.

  • I wrote “teacher” as my dream job in Year 1 and Year 4 but it is highly likely that it was because I knew how the spell the word teacher.
  • I hated school, like really hated it, and had every intention of leaving ASAP!
  • I was good at looking after children, I never ran out of things to say to them or do with them.
  • I thought that the good teachers were the ones who didn’t judge a book or child by its cover.
  • I didn’t like Maths and was a really bad speller.
  • By high school it was just the thing I was going to do.

I finished high school; I then went on to a Certificate III and IV in Teaching Assistant specialising in early childhood and special needs.  This gave me the qualifications to go to The University of Notre Dame Australia, where I received my BE in Early Childhood Education in 2011.


I started my teaching career in 2012 in a Pre-Primary classroom full time at a government school. Needless to say I learnt a lot, worked a lot and loved my job a whole lot.  This year has seen me work as a relief teacher, partly to experience as many different teaching styles and classrooms as possible and partly to enable me to travel to Europe for their summer, oh and to blog, something, which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I will.


For now welcome to my blog “WriteOnTheBoard”.