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I found myself sitting in a airport reading Richard Branson’s newest blog post. This is what he had to say.

However, education is absolutely crucial to success and to the progress of the world at large. As Nelson Mandela said:

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.”

But education doesn’t take place in stuffy classrooms and university buildings, it can happen everywhere, every day to every person. I was on a panel at a University in Australia recently and it turned out the only one of us onstage who had graduated was the Dean himself!


Sir Richard Branson.


I guess that is the truth you have to be educated you don’t have to study, in fact often people who do go and get communication and art degrees end up in job, which they could have obtained without the cost of university. The hard thing is proving that you are “educated”. People in this world don’t like to think that they need the paper to prove anything but you do. You need to have the proof, weather it is a portfolio of skills, the ability to sell yourself with a presentation or meeting or a list of qualification you have gathered.

Maybe we do place too much imported on going to univisity, TAFE, high school and not enough on becoming educated and continuing to educate ourselves. 


Motivation Monday

Let go of Me!
Let go of Me!

Leaving Berlin today off and racing into Scandinavia.

Berlin wall- mark of a child

Berlin wall- mark of a child

These bricks and chalk board are the remainder of the houses that lined along the Berlin Wall


The Perfect iPad Case

In the last 4 months I have been working in many schools and working with different iPads and their cases/covers

Choosing a iPad case is like choosing shoes, it need to meet a variety of different uses.  Often when school purchase their ipads, they forget about the cover, they happily order the IPads, spend the budget for ICT (information Communication Technology) without setting aside any money for cases.

Here are my rules for a successful ipad case purchase:

  • –       The corner of the ipad should be covered,
  • –       There should be a cover on the screen when not it use
  • –       The cover should be a magnetic off switch (has little magnets     that turn the screen off).
  • Students need to be able to adjust the volume and the lock switch on the side, without removing the cover
  • The cover needs to leave the rear camera visible
  • The ipad should be chargeable with the cover on.

Here are my top 4



– folds 3 different ways

– under $40

-different colours available

IPAD SMART CASE– Mac recommended

– light weight

different colours available



targus Mini ipad CASE

– for the mini + standard

– strong

– leather made



built in keyboard

well designed

funcional for typing


Motivation Monday

On Wednesday I will be venturing into a whole new world, it is called Holidays, I have packed three books to take away,  I am so excited, more to tell you all tomorrow. For Now some Motivation for this Monday.

Read books as often as possible, to who ever will listen.
Read books as often as possible, to who ever will listen.

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Inspire everybody to use their whole life, every second of it.


Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday