Five fool proof ways of: collecting useable Data.

I know I am a little but late on this post and most people will have finished their reports but for those last minute people and those who have had disaster strike and have lost  their data. Here are some tips


5 foolproof ways:


Have a few activities leading in to report time that give you precise data that you can use to support statements like “has made significant progress” I like to use standardized testing for this one.


Have observations about what the student is accessing independently, this is also know as their interests but I am wary of writing that because the parents often know of the Childs true interests vs. what they sometimes like to do.  I like the post –it note observations where I carry a pack of post its, when I see a child doing something amazing, different, engaging well, etc I write a post it with the: date name of the child and what they are doing I then stick it into a exercise book with each child having a double page. This means when I go to write reports it is all there ready to go.

A simple method of collecting usable Assessments in the Busy Classroom Setting.


Check lists, we love them, I use my checks lists to develop social connections with in the class. Many of the parents like to know whom their child is hanging out with. So I make a grid about 4 weeks before report are due. (This data is always changing and it is important to have it as up to date as possible) every time the student get to choose working partners I take note and every time I am in the play ground I take note of it. P.S. in the report I tend not to give specific names of kids I rather talk about whether they are consistently working with the same few people, the sex of the people they work with, if they get along with lots of people, and if they have a leadership role within any friendship groups.



Have the students do a self-refection about the term. Something as simple as  2 stars and a wish. Gives you an insight to how the child felt they went. You can this adjust to reflect how you think they went over all accordingly.


For maths or science have a statistic ready to go, I have found that the dad’s often enjoy the maths results and if you can have a figure saying has made a 20% improvements on timetables fluency or if now identifying and using 3 more problem solving strategies.  I like the idea of monthly pop quizzes to do this. 


By the Way I am in Prague, is it rather Hot and sticky, but wow it is an amazing place.  



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