Oatmeal. A webcomic that can write about unicorn balls and still make me weepy.

Bit of a Different Topic, But I Run so I can Eat and Fit into Clothes too. I don’t love it at all, it’s ok sometimes you get a nice buzz at the end and sometimes you sleep better, but running is a life skill…. Zombies might just come (See the Centre of Disease Control USA http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm For more info on that). I guess the link to teaching is that comics are an amazing way to communicate ideas.

Do I have food on my face?

Hey Guys!

This is just a super duper short post So short that it won’t even have pictures *GASP* but while I was casually surfing the internet I was inspired by an unlikely source.

The Oatmeal

If you haven’t checked out the oatmeal then you are actually missing out on life. I truly think he is a champion of the internet and should be bowed down to and cherished as a god. Sorry captain ginger beard I may have a slight crush on him….

This morning he posted a new link on his FB page to his new comic. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/running . If you were ever that fat kid and you have made a change (or you really really want to) read this, it’s important. 🙂

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