Motivation Monday – London



Book week resources

Somehow book week sneaks up on us again, it is time to dress up and have lessons focused around books and stories. I am going to get straight to the point and list a few of my Favourite resources.

Australian website dedicated to authors and illustrators and how amazing they are. also heaps of resources for individual books and a teachers page. Brought to you by Walker Books. This is their current Free resource.

best place for dress ups and costumes, there is even a discount voucher email me and i’ll send it on

the official website

everything you could want website 

and a blog that i follow who has an amazing amount of book knowledge.



Happy Reading

Motivation Monday- Belgium



Motivation Monday- Sailing the Greek Islands

12082013Following up on last week if you have a label and it is limiting you you will find it hard to change. but change is good progress is good.



Motivation Monday – Posting from Athens



Think about the labels you give your students? slow, talkative, naughty, out of it, uncoordinated. Is the Label helpfull or just limiting them to only be what they are called.