Home Work in Early Childhood.

1st let me apologise for my lack of blogging, after traveling around Europe, i moved to London to start a whole new venture with teaching. I am only 1.5 years out of university so learning a whole new education system is huge but very rewarding.

I also have good news I won a Competition on Facebook this week from Ric Publications  so i will be receiving a free book in the coming week’s i often forward these competitions on to my followers though Facebook so follow me there and you could have a chance to Win!


Now to the inspiration for this post, an article in the New York Times from 2009 was sent my way today, now to view it you need a log in but, I will post the link below. It was titled Kindergarten Cram, basically it talks about a mum who visited lots of different  kindergartens and asks about their policy on home work, she was shocked to find that many said there was stuctured home work every night. She dicusses that data that states:

“kindergartners spent two to three hours a day being instructed and tested in reading and math. They spent less than 30 minutes playing.”

Now at university in Australia I was filled with reasons why play is important, the 1st being it is a opportunity to make meaning of the things a child sees around them, to understand why adults do the things they do, Role play corner. This 30 mins needs to develop social skills, gross and fine motor skills, and give children an opportunity to develop a personality with morals and values.

Now I wont rehash the whole article but I did want to share it with you, my question, why do we as a western society insist on taking away more time spent in a childhood setting, knowing that statically  all of the benefits and higher achievement evens out around the age of 10 and all of the pushing just leads to a child who never played and needs to be pushed to learn? (please comment below)

Also the exception to the rule is providing children a different experience for a child who is disadvantage or lacking in, things like nature lists, take home bears, reading books, colouring pencils with a colouring sheet.

Here is the link as promised to the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/03/magazine/03wwln-lede-t.html?_r=5

You do have to sign up for free to read this article but it is free.


Think Pair Share, (comment below)

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