Take the time to thank a teacher

Take the time to thank a teacher

Australia is Celebrating world teachers day today.

Unesco Information: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/world-teachers-day

department of Education W.A.: message board from 2012 reviewed http://det.wa.edu.au/edenews/detcms/corporate-communications-marketing/ed-e-news/news-items/october-2012/thank-your-teacher-today.en?oid=NewsItem-id-13381094

If you would like to thank a teacher in a Western Australian school please follow the below instructions

Thank a teacher on World Teachers’ Day

It’s World Teachers’ Day on Friday 30 October – the perfect occasion to thank your child’s teacher for doing a brilliant job this year.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated across the globe to recognise the significant work of teachers and acknowledge the positive influence they have on children’s lives.

Say ‘thank you’ to a teacher by posting a message on the Teaching WA blog.

It’s easy:

1. Type in your teacher’s name and school.

2. Write a ‘thank you’ message.

3. Press submit.


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