When to do what….

This is lovely, by such a beautiful mind
This is lovely, by such a beautiful mind

One of the hardest things about modern day teaching is that it follows the pressures of modern day living. You go to university and they tell you things like.

Children will NOT have full sensation in there fingers until they are 8-10years old, But you walk into a school and you are expected by the curriculum to have children writing by 6.

At the moment there is a need to have children reading earlier and earlier. In the 90’s children were given home readers in Year one the year they turn 6. Teaching in London at the moment  we give home readers to children as young as four, we teacher them shared reading lessons and guided reading lessons. At Four I could write one letter in my name, My brother at 4 could read a short story and write simple words. He at four was ready I at four was not. interestingly while he went one to have a lot more success at school now that we are adults it’s has for now evened out. If you compare us both 23 I held a Bachelors Degree he held 2 Bachelors degrees. I had a steady salary  job he worked casual work. I have no doubt he will be amazing in his adult life but I have defiantly caught up by 23.

So if me not being ready at 4 has no impact on me at 20 something why push it.

Today The Washington Post posted an article Titled

Report: Requiring kindergartners to read — as Common Core does — may harm some

It got me thinking Why?

Please Share your opinions why do you think we should teach reading at 4 years old?


So You want to be a teacher?

There are endless options and so many ways to become a teacher these days….. how do you pick.

Well I guess it’s about playing to you strengths and current situations.

So typically you go to uni a complete a Bachelors of education, 3-4 years later your a teacher with an age range you specialised in.

The 2nd option is you complete a degree and then commence one or two years of theory and practical development to become a teacher. In the Uk this can be teaching full time while attending class once a week in Australia it is 10-15 weeks of practical development and a full time uni course load.

All of these have pros and cons, but i guess from a schools point of view it is about balance. In the last 20 months I have been privilege to work with 3 people who did a degree 1st then became teachers. They have a speciality being the degree they took before studying. In this case they are some of the best teachers I know, but they did do it tough they taught a class while learning what they were doing they composed 4 years into one.

Recently the Australian press have publicised a move within education to have teachers specialises in topics therefore being able to develop schools teaching in that area.

well Notre Dame university have been doing this for years, all of their  BE (Primary) students have a specialty. So I’m all for it. I guess there is many ways to become a teacher, The best way is to want to be a teacher from the start, you will love it all the more

Why Teach?

Real teachers knowReal teachers know


Bridges of London- Teaching Tool

Living in London I find so many interesting things to watch and and learn about. Do you have interesting videos of the city you live in, could you make some?