to write or not to write

It has long been discussed the pros and cons of Computers, Now I am pro computers personally I think that they enable so much communication and enlightenment across the world. I recently watched the pilot episode of The Honourable Woman, where a foundation pay for Fiberoptic cable to be laid across a country to enable high speed internet. So Im all very Pro Technology, I get inspired so easily.


Today’s Discussion comes from a article from the Australia Broadcasting Commission  entitled:

Finland scraps cursive writing lessons, sparking discussion over future of handwriting in classrooms

As Discussed before Scandinavian Countries are  leaders in education, due to political and social choices. They are currently often setting the tone for others aspire to.


Finland is going to in the coming Step15 academic year take the time allocated to cursive hand writing and move it to typing skills. The article talks about if this will impact on education in Australia, it then talks about exams moving to computers in the coming years.


My 1st year out of university, there was a motion to add typing to a school where i worked workload. after much debating I don’t remember what was decided. Either way it got me thinking about what typing and cursive  achieve, I did this by thinking about how you , as a teacher, assess achievement. Typing its easy it’s words pre minuet with a level accuracy. Cursive is pages writed with in a timeframe with good style and reablity.  So Its how fast you and share an idea with another ensuring the 2nd party can read it. They are the same There for I just divided the 30mins in my class about hand wiring into half on hand writing and half on writing.

NOTE: writing is incredibly important to leaning, it is important to teach readable print it is important to learn to write but perfect cursive is moving towards being old fashioned.  Click for more 

Example Doctors have horrid wiring and yet what they write are some of the most important communications in the world after all the wrong dosage, could kill you.

For more on this topic check out The NY times and there peer referenced article about hand writing. whats lost as handwriting fades  “Essay Writing reference”

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