12 days of christmas

I’m a big believer of books as gifts. I know we all think books will be a token decoration in the years to come, but yesterday I stood in a chain book store in a posh shopping centre unable to move due to the amount of people there. In my five miniute stay I saw three books I’m dying to own and about ten I want to read. Books are still the gift of story and story is how society is build.

Today’s gift is a book by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter, of McFly fame. (yes I fangirled over them) express.co.uk Summed it up nicely

“They’re fascinated with dinosaurs, make fart noises and laugh at each other’s poo jokes.” express.co.uk

This is engaging to most boys and girls, it’s the taboo subject of every 3-8 year old. It is also a great way of encouraging toilet use and training.

Teachers: this book was written by musicians therefor the rhyming is good. There is only one couplet that needs accenting to hold true.

This books under my tree for sure, but you will be getting it is the question?


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