Neutral Natural Nudes

Walking in to any high street store you will find neutral natural colours, they are so warm and inviting with a beautiful sense of calm.  This all comes down to colours and the emotions we acoicate with them, Red is fast, yellow is happiness, orange is joy.

Today I’m sharing some classroom inspiration to develop an idea of Calm in your class.

Photos taken from missreggio, play-basedclassroom and sarahkhoggteachingportfolio 

Calming colours make us all feel more content, meaning we are comfortable and able to take risks. When your classroom is filled with examples of perfect art work and writing and solid colours it can make a child feel they need to be perfect and mass produced. Wood and cotton all come with flaws and differences. It’s what makes them special.

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International Women’s Day


This week’s Tech Tuesday Falls on International Women’s Day, so it is  only fitting to continue with our Karlie Kloss theme. This week, a video talking about women and they way they are forging though the coding world.

I do promise next week we’ll move onto coding and education. For now I want to share a little inspiration to get you thinking.


My last link is a meet up for #girlswhocode

Code Like A Girl – AU

Melbourne, AU
660 Coding Sisters

Code Like a Girl is for all the women who want to make new coding sisters. Let’s share our passions, get excited about the latest tech and discuss code à la mode. All in the h…

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Wandering Wednesday – Brno

After departing from Kakow, I ventured alone to Brno. Brno is the 2nd largest city in the Czech Republic, it in to the south east, near to Slovakia. The city is a university town, that has become famous for the houses and buildings designed there. I followed a walking map most of my trip. I learnt I lot about travelling alone, on this section of the trip.


Coding for Girls

Now, equality would say that you shouldn’t target an opportunity by gender, but today I am, because women and girls are far behind in a particular set of skills needed for current and future workplaces. Coding is the language that tells computers and digital devices what to do. I like to think about it as a more complex form of this:

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in the Movie the Imitation Game.

While The Imitation Game does talk about code making and breaking it is portrayed as a system of guesswork, your constantly looking for that one string to pull on,  once you find a string to pull on to all comes together.

Back to Karlie, who I alluded to last Tech Tuesday. Karlie Kloss is a model, yep a runway model, she is also a Taylor Swift Girlgang member. She is also a Techie, she vlogs, and instagrams better than most. She helped to run a scholarship programming school, last August.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.01.21 pm.png
This photo comes from the Schools website

21/600 got to go last summer, and I would say more people will apply this year. FYI 14 of the chosen girls had never coded before. Programs like Karlie’s are stepping stones towards improving coding amongst young girls and giving them better skills for the future.

Info about the 2016 Northern Hemisphere Summer can be found at

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.03.18 pm.png

This is my Fav blog post about the school.


General info about the school can be found here:

This includes lots of stories about the program, in Video form (I love a video)