Wandering Wednesday – Brno

After departing from Kakow, I ventured alone to Brno. Brno is the 2nd largest city in the Czech Republic, it in to the south east, near to Slovakia. The city is a university town, that has become famous for the houses and buildings designed there. I followed a walking map most of my trip. I learnt I lot about travelling alone, on this section of the trip.



Easter holidays of 2014 I went on the most amazing trip, I learnt so much about History. Over the next few Wondering Wednesdays I am going to share them with you. Mostly as pictures because they Speak 1000 times better than words.

This is Krakow Poland, each night the last post is played from the church belltower over the main square and cloth Hall market. It is reminder of the past which this city holds.

Auschwitz is the nearest concentration camp, I visited and learnt so much about the horror of war. It was something 1000 text books couldn’t convey, it’s a feeling like no other. I have spoken to people who have visited other concentration camps, they all say Auschwitz stands alone. Maybe it is because of the stories we have, maybe it is that 1/6 Jewish people who died in WWII died there in that once place, maybe it’s that the only camp stands as it was. Either way I as a teacher learnt more walking the grounds about humanity and Discrimination than any Class had ever taught me.

There’s a lot to be said about experiencing something before you teach about it.


Childhood dreams

London P1060373I’m Living out TWO of my dreams, even when it hard it is more amazing than most people ever get to do….. very few people stick with a dream long enough to see it though, many people don’t have the foresight to plan that far ahead and lots of people don’t fight hard enough for the dreams they have. I wanted to be a teacher since I was 6 wanted to live in the U.K. since I was 13. after 10 years I got here.