Harmony Day

It’s Harmony Day this Monday and so I thought I’d share the eBook I am reading with my class to celebrate this amazing day.

I has been made by the Human Rights Commission Australia, and resourced though the Victorian Education Department, this is free PDF and audio download.

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All details can be found at http://www.humanrights.gov.au/allmyfriendsandme/




Neutral Natural Nudes

Walking in to any high street store you will find neutral natural colours, they are so warm and inviting with a beautiful sense of calm.  This all comes down to colours and the emotions we acoicate with them, Red is fast, yellow is happiness, orange is joy.

Today I’m sharing some classroom inspiration to develop an idea of Calm in your class.

Photos taken from missreggio, play-basedclassroom and sarahkhoggteachingportfolio 

Calming colours make us all feel more content, meaning we are comfortable and able to take risks. When your classroom is filled with examples of perfect art work and writing and solid colours it can make a child feel they need to be perfect and mass produced. Wood and cotton all come with flaws and differences. It’s what makes them special.

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When to do what….

This is lovely, by such a beautiful mind
This is lovely, by such a beautiful mind

One of the hardest things about modern day teaching is that it follows the pressures of modern day living. You go to university and they tell you things like.

Children will NOT have full sensation in there fingers until they are 8-10years old, But you walk into a school and you are expected by the curriculum to have children writing by 6.

At the moment there is a need to have children reading earlier and earlier. In the 90’s children were given home readers in Year one the year they turn 6. Teaching in London at the moment  we give home readers to children as young as four, we teacher them shared reading lessons and guided reading lessons. At Four I could write one letter in my name, My brother at 4 could read a short story and write simple words. He at four was ready I at four was not. interestingly while he went one to have a lot more success at school now that we are adults it’s has for now evened out. If you compare us both 23 I held a Bachelors Degree he held 2 Bachelors degrees. I had a steady salary  job he worked casual work. I have no doubt he will be amazing in his adult life but I have defiantly caught up by 23.

So if me not being ready at 4 has no impact on me at 20 something why push it.

Today The Washington Post posted an article Titled

Report: Requiring kindergartners to read — as Common Core does — may harm some

It got me thinking Why?

Please Share your opinions why do you think we should teach reading at 4 years old?


F.A.T city

A long time ago I saw this video, back when i was a teenager. It changed the way i looked at education. It made me remember the importance of time, of language and of tone.

It speaks to the way Special needs children process different language it shows learnt helplessness and it demonstrates the way we as teachers fail at remember that we mess up all the time. But we need to learn from it.

Dr Richard Lavoie is worth a google and a watch