Neutral Natural Nudes

Walking in to any high street store you will find neutral natural colours, they are so warm and inviting with a beautiful sense of calm.  This all comes down to colours and the emotions we acoicate with them, Red is fast, yellow is happiness, orange is joy.

Today I’m sharing some classroom inspiration to develop an idea of Calm in your class.

Photos taken from missreggio, play-basedclassroom and sarahkhoggteachingportfolio 

Calming colours make us all feel more content, meaning we are comfortable and able to take risks. When your classroom is filled with examples of perfect art work and writing and solid colours it can make a child feel they need to be perfect and mass produced. Wood and cotton all come with flaws and differences. It’s what makes them special.

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Code like a Girl!

If you haven’t come across #runlikeagirl your missing out on a powerful message. Today I was shown this amazing video which has reminded me of an amazing person, girl,  model  and Taylor Swift Girlgang member who had a summer school for females learning coding. More on that next time. For now enjoy this piece of inspiration.

F.A.T city

A long time ago I saw this video, back when i was a teenager. It changed the way i looked at education. It made me remember the importance of time, of language and of tone.

It speaks to the way Special needs children process different language it shows learnt helplessness and it demonstrates the way we as teachers fail at remember that we mess up all the time. But we need to learn from it.

Dr Richard Lavoie is worth a google and a watch


Bus about London

I was pondering Special needs children and life skills, because to me that really is a priority it’s making them function as adults that the the whole concept of education.  Well these ladies have got it right they blog about taking every bus in London. they just finished all the buses. The londonist recently filmed a piece about them and there final bus.

What a wonderful thing to do. what a fantastic thing to take a child on…. the whole route of a bus.


Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

reading is ever so important